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I hold a Masters of Counselling and have over 15 years experience in creating positive change for individuals and families in Australia, including working as a Team Leader in an organisation that supported families who were clients of the Dept of Communities, Child Safety Services.

Assisting war-affected individuals and families in Croatia also greatly assisted my ability to inspire recovery from a spectrum of deeply challenging experiences. More on LinkedIn about my experience and qualifications


But no matter what change you want to create, it is important.

Why? Because it is your life.

What to expect:  

  1. We meet where you are comfortable
    If you would rather meet in a park or café, for instance,
    rather than in my session room, we can do that.
    Sometimes walking around outside
    while talking can be easier than sitting in a room.

  2. I don’t tell you what to do
    My role is to help guide and support you through a
    process where answers that make sense to you
    become clear.

  3. We start from your strengths
    Which makes the process much more enjoyable. And
    because it’s more enjoyable, the sessions are more likely
    to be effective for you.

  4. You leave with practical ‘tools’
    It is important that you leave knowing how to apply to
    your life what has been discovered in a session – and
    experience that change you are after.

Our sessions involve techniques that will be most relevant and useful to you. This could mean a straightforward discussion, paying attention to signs from your body, or role-playing a particular situation. I have a wide range of techniques - but what is used depends on what works for you. 

If we are to get results…
… it is important that you feel comfortable telling me what is working well and what isn’t during our time together. So I take what you say seriously, no matter what you say or what age you are.

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“Eileen has a deep

background in the caring professions. Her focus on providing the best outcome for her clients means I have no hesitation in recommending

her to others.”

Anne J Murphy Facilitator & trainer specialising in conflict work.

"Working with Eileen as a client has been a thoroughly engaging process. While it is obvious that Eileen has a vast knowledge and experience base, she has taken my concerns and perspectives seriously and has consistently drawn out my own knowledge and wisdom to tackle the issues with which I have wrestled. Eileen has a way of authentically acknowledging felt experience, of humbly expressing curiosity, and of gently enlarging vision to allow for the possibility of growth and change, and this is complemented by her personal warmth and humour. I have felt very safe and supported as I have navigated my way through professional challenges and personal changes that have confronted me in the time that I have worked with her."

Neville, Supervisee


Queensland Counsellors Association

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