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Eileen Clark - Change Counsellor & Consultant
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Counselling & Coaching


No matter what change you wish to create, I am your guide and supporter to get you there. This means meeting where you feel comfortable, using approaches that make sense to you, knowing how to use what you have learnt and, of course, experiencing the results.

  • Life coaching & individual counselling

    You want change. That much is clear. But many people focus too much on what is going wrong in order to create a positive shift. The secret to success often lies in knowing what is going right and building from there.

    Even if you think nothing is going right, together we will discover what your true strengths are and how to use those strengths to create the change you are after. We also monitor results, so you can see the progress being made.

  • Family and relationship counselling

    In family or couple situations, there will be opportunities to meet together and one-on-one, depending on your particular situation. For family counselling involving children, the parents or carers meet with me first. We discuss what is troubling you and what you hope to get from the sessions.

    After I explain my approach, we then work out together the best approach for your particular situation. Once our sessions are underway, the positive changes occurring in your lives are identified and discussed. Monitoring results is all part of the process.

Child and youth counselling

If your child is comfortable with meeting me separately, then individual sessions are held. Afterwards, I give feedback to the parents/carers in a way that honours the child’s/young person’s privacy.

Children and young people will be offered a variety of ways to express their thoughts, feelings, ideas, hopes and musings – such as: drawing, using symbols, finger puppets, walking, storytelling, poetry, etc.  Adults can enjoy these too if they choose.


The confidentiality of individuals, couples and families is paramount for successful change.

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“Eileen is great at

following the process of

her clients and supporting them to find and develop their dreaming potential.

She is highly gifted at creating and fostering relationships that allow authenticity and depth. I am thrilled to recommend her, she is fantastic.”

Max Schupbach, Senior Faculty, Process Work Institute USA and Switzerland.



“Eileen has a deep

background in the caring professions. Her focus on providing the best outcome for her clients means I have no hesitation in recommending

her to others.”

Anne J Murphy Facilitator & trainer specialising in conflict work.




Queensland Counsellors Association






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